#4 MW - Bar Workout

Welcome to the bar workout, one that requires no chin ups!

Almost all children have great grip strength compared to their body weight, its natural for us so this workout is focusing on reclaiming that.

Amongst many things one of the main functions of muscles in the body is to stabilise joints.

What makes a body look ripped and sculpted is having a wide variety of muscles around and supporting a joint to be worked and strengthened.

The most consistently sculpted athletes I’ve seen are often freerunners, breakdancers, martial artists etc. This is because they all train a wide variety of body movements and barely ever repeat one motion over and over.

The point of this workout is to do 10 or so different activities and motions all focused around one major joint: the shoulder

What this will do is activate and work all the muscles through your arms and back, chest and stomach, sides etc.

Hanging for long periods of time is also really good for decompressing the spine from the pressures of standing and sitting all day. So the longer you spend relaxing hanging on the bar the more spine gains you'll make!

I want you to focus on mindful of alignment from pinky to big toe, don't rush any movements.

Really think about fibre by fibre throughout a lot of the exercises and stay in control as much as possible, unless the exercise obviously dictates make it a real aim to limit lower body swinging, this will do wonders for your core.

Shakeout and stay lose in-between each exercise.

Please adapt it to you with repetitions and sets find where you're bodies at.

And as always, stay with the breath.

Happy hanging!



Please take a moment to thank the bar, thank your body, thank your mind and thank your breath.

You can hang the next day if you want to stretch though I'd recommend you wait a few days to do the full workout again.

Feel free to add any of the exercises you just did to your other workouts.

I'd recommend a swim or a yoga the day after to stay lose.

If you want to do another workout today I’d suggest to partner it with the bench workout.

Perhaps I'll see you there!